Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quick Wedding Card

Wow. . .it's been AGES since I posted (and crafted)! Had to make a card for a wedding we were attending last month, so I decided to start using my eclips machine. Now I'm wondering why it took me so long to start using it. . .gonna have to start using it when I make little goodies for the office.

Here's how the card turned out. . .

I used shimmery cardstock and text-weight paper to give it a little extra something. I used foam tape to add dimension to the wedding cake and decorations so that the white-on-white image would "pop" and the cake wouldn't fade into the background.

Here's a shot of the cake from the side (see all the little foam pieces I used!). . .

Using the eclips made making this card super quick and easy. The most challenging part? Cutting and placing the foam pieces on the cutouts (and then taking off the backing paper!). That part wasn't too much fun.

Considering I haven't made anything for over 6 months, I was pretty pleased with how the card turned out. Now to finish cleaning my room, so I can actually find stuff! LOL

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Sorry, this comment has nothing to do with this post but I'm a little computer illiterate and don't know how else to contact you. It's a really old post that I have a question about. I was wondering about the flowers that you used on your tealight birthday cakes. I live in a relatively small city in Canada without a lot of craft store options. I love making these cakes and would love to know where to get these flowers. Looking forward to your response. Gail


Hi Gail:
I buy the roses from a craft store here in Hawaii. The great news is that he has an online store and the shipping to Canada is very reasonable. Here's the link:
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Good luck with the tealight birthday cakes!!

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